Emmerdeuses, TV series – 6x45', written & created by Pilar Anguita-MacKay. Inspired from "Emmerdeuse" by Laura Tuia, Swiss —"He who laughs last laughs best".

Swiss Trafic, feature film, written by Pilar Anguita-MacKay. Adaptation of "Swiss Trafic" by Mary Anna Barbey, Ed. des Sauvages. A death in the pool of a small mountain hotel. Human trafficking...

Silent Waters,  TV series  6x45', created by Pilar Anguita-MacKay & David Howard. Written by Pilar Anguita-MacKay. Deleopped for NOSE productions & RSI, Switzerland The hunt for her husband’s murderer plunges Alexandra into an unsolved crime and forces her to confront her own responsibility in a tragedy that continues to haunt her.

Un bout de route, TV mini-série – 6x52', written and created by Pilar Anguita-MacKay & Pierre De Clercq. Spring 1943. In their truck converted into a grocery store, Marcellina and her father tour the remote Swiss Alpine hamlets along the border with occupied France.